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    Legacy and End Point

    Legacy and End Point / Somos+, Pedro Acosta

    Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 6 December 2016 — After your departure the Cuban
    people should be eternally grateful for:

    The fall of the dictatorship. Fulfilling your political promises,
    especially the respect for the 1940 Constitution, the quick holding of
    free elections, and not placing yourself permanently in power.

    For making us economically independent (??!), developing our industry
    and raising it to levels never before seen, diversifying production and
    eliminating our dependence on our dangerous neighbor to the north and
    transferring it first to the Socialist camp and then to the first ones
    who came along. Maintaining the boom and constantly growing our powerful
    sugar industry.

    Also for giving us a dignified wage that allows us to live at ease.
    Because our children can savor a tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner. And
    the Cuban family has the possibility to enjoy some deserved vacations in
    the respectable hotels that adorn the national territory, including the

    For granting us a Social Security System that covers the basic needs of
    the human being and allows us to retire without having to depend on our
    families to maintain us or having to take up any task we can find to be
    able to subsist and not live by begging.

    For giving us decent housing that resists hurricanes, with only 52% of
    the housing stock in the country in fair or poor condition. Because the
    stores have fair prices according to the generous income the government
    pays us. In addition to having at our disposal all kinds of new
    generation appliances.

    Giving us free choice and having telephones, TV channels and internet
    and so having an excellent level of information and not being subject to
    the opinions of any individual or of the communication media.

    For giving us free (??!) education and health care. And in the schools
    and hospitals having facilities and technologies sustained by country’s
    powerful economic development.

    For giving us the chance to feel proud of the behavior and formal
    education of the population, especially the youth. For eradicating:
    gambling, prostitution, racism, marginalization, corruption and other
    evils of the past.

    Establishing diligent public services and eliminating absurd
    bureaucratic and cumbersome procedures, with officials who feel proud of
    serving the people, for fulfilling an honorable duty.

    Infinite thanks:

    For not interfering in warring conflicts of any kind. And not
    squandering the country’s abundant resources. For respecting our free
    will and possessing an unsurpassed freedom of expression, given through
    the media.

    For never having lied to the people and for expressing from the first
    day your intentions to implant socialism in Cuba.

    Because with your example we learned to respect and never denigrate our
    compatriots with political opinions different from those proclaimed by
    the Communist Party, and the Organs of State Security never having
    repressed in any way the regime’s opponents, much less tried and
    condemned them under false accusations. With your actions jealously
    respecting the Constitution of the Republic.

    For maintaining a clear separation between legislative, executive and
    judicial powers.

    For giving us the best Electoral System in the world where others think
    and argue for us and for having the ability to know, through their
    biographies, the Deputies of the National Assembly, people who don’t
    need to be from the area where they are elected from and whom we have
    never seen in real life. For giving us the ability to elect the
    president of the county.

    Also, for giving us, at 50 years, hopes that in the next 50 years it
    will be possible to find the right road.

    For this and a thousand other things:


    Source: Legacy and End Point / Somos+, Pedro Acosta – Translating Cuba –

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