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    Carnival: Yanqui Si, Cuba No?

    Carnival: Yanqui Si, Cuba No?
    Carnival will allow Cuban-Americans to travel to Cuba on an inaugural
    cruise but Cuba may not allow the journey
    Apr 18, 2016 1:16 pm ET

    The U.S. Cuba love-fest seemed to be going swimmingly last month when
    President Obama visited the island nation. U.S. companies involved in
    tourism such as Starwood were among the first to jump on the bandwagon
    given the popularity of the island before ties were severed. And that
    was before cheap jet travel and, of course, cruise ships catering to the
    mass market.

    But Carnival Corp, the world’s largest cruise line, didn’t anticipate an
    odd Cuban law when it announced an inaugural cruise for May 1:
    Cuban-born U.S. citizens are sometimes allowed to fly to the communist
    nation but not to arrive by sea. Indignant Cuban-Americans initially
    weren’t accepted as passengers, prompting an outcry, lawsuits, and even
    comments by Secretary of State John Kerry.

    A good public-relations exercise turned into a nightmare for Carnival,
    so it changed tack on Monday. It said it would accept bookings from
    Cuban-Americans, putting the onus on Cuba to change the law in the next
    two weeks. This ship hasn’t sailed, but will it?

    Source: Carnival: Yanqui Si, Cuba No? – MoneyBeat – WSJ –

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