Apartheid en Cuba
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    For Tourism, Everything. And for Cuban Children What? / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

    For , Everything. And for Cuban Children What? / Wendy Iriepa and
    Ignacio Estrada

    These photos, taken in the Cafeteria La Marina, show three snapshots
    where a couple of tourists appear in the foreground, judging by their
    skin color they are Europeans sitting at a table ordering something to
    be enjoyed at that moment.

    In the background you can see some children in shirts and shorts looking
    at the same snack bar looking at the list of ice creams offered in a
    currency that is not the same money in which their parents are paid.
    Their look shows their delight at the idea of tasting one of these, but
    apparently they don't have enough money.

    Sunday afternoon was becoming warm and the children were still glued to
    the bar in the cafeteria, after a long time they all decided to gather
    some money and buy a bottle of natural water to relieve the heat and
    suffocation of playing. The most beautiful thing for me is the fact that
    they shared the water bottle, sip by sip, and none of them left without

    The children went out to play in the street again and the tourists began
    to enjoy what the children had perhaps wanted but could not have.

    April 16 2012



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