Apartheid en Cuba
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    Apartheid protesters got it right

    Posted on Sunday, 09.20.09
    Apartheid protesters got it right

    Diaz-Balart, a Republican, represents the 21st district of Florida.

    Twenty-four years ago, in order to counter the South African Apartheid
    regime's attempt to lure musicians to a tourist resort known as “Sun
    City,'' numerous world-famous musicians (including Bob Dylan, Ringo
    Starr, Miles… Continue reading

    UN women's agency blocked by Cuba and anti-women Islamic countries

    UN women's agency blocked by Cuba and anti-women Islamic countries
    Posted: September 13, 2009, 1:55 PM by NP Editor
    Full Comment, Kelly McParland

    Where is the outcry among fans of the UN to the clear anti-woman bias
    this represents? Both the Liberals and (especially) the NDP continue to
    argue that Canada should team frequently with the… Continue reading

    Una balsera virtual

    Una balsera virtual
    por Yoani Sánchez
    Garras y alas

    Hay criaturas mestizas difíciles de clasificar en algún orden y una de
    esas es mi escritura, a medio camino entre la crónica, el exorcismo
    personal y el grito. El hipogrifo nacido de estos dos años escribiendo
    un blog tiene garras reales afincadas en la cotidianidad para extraer… Continue reading