Apartheid en Cuba
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    Cuba: Blocking Bloggers

    Cuba: Blocking Bloggers
    Cuba Published by Janine Mendes-Franco March 28th, 2008 Share This
    Tags: block, bloggers, Cuba.

    Want to get the Cuban blogosphere talking? Block access to a popular
    blog. Ever since Cuban authorities did just that to several
    less-than-supportive Havana-based blogs earlier this week, the blogging
    diaspora have come out in full support of Cuban… Continue reading

    Entrevista al Dr. Darsi Ferrer

    Entrevista al Dr. Darsi Ferrer

    Siempre he sido consecuente con mi forma de pensar, con mi deber de
    cubano y con la nación cubana.

    Por Heriberto Portales Rodríguez y Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez

    8 de marzo de 2008 /


    De izquierda a derecha; Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, el Dr. Darsi
    Ferrer y Heriberto… Continue reading

    Cuba : Transitions without End

    Cuba : Transitions without End
    by Dr. Frederic Clairmont
    Global Research, March 21, 2008
    – 2008-03-20

    " The victory of the Revolution is a rampart that ensures that
    never again will Cuba become the most sordid brothel our planet has ever
    known linked to a criminal gambling and drug infested inferno of the
    colonial occupiers." Comandante… Continue reading

    Castro’s Cuba was no place for a socialist like me

    Castro's Cuba was no place for a socialist like me
    Neil Clark
    Wednesday, 20th February 2008

    Neil Clark says that he went to Havana in search of a left-wing Utopia
    and discovered instead an island fortress of poverty, corruption and
    currency apartheid

    It's a country where the vast majority live in poverty, while a tiny,
    corrupt… Continue reading