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    Cuban exile activists to take action against American Airlines for alleged discrimination

    Cuban exile activists to take action against American Airlines for
    alleged discrimination

    The president of the Democracy Movement, Ramón Saúl Sánchez, said
    Tuesday in Miami that his organization would ‘take action’ against
    American Airlines’ “apartheid policies” toward its Cuban-American
    employees if said policies are not changed within 24 hours.

    “The Democracy Movement rejects AA’s apartheid by virtue of nationality
    to Cuban workers that the regime does not allow in Cuba as it allows
    Americans and people from other nationalities with American
    citizenship,” Sanchez said.

    The exile leader stressed that his organization has nothing against the
    flights to the island. “This is not a campaign against the flights to
    Cuba, which we support and we believe that are useful for family
    reunification,” he said, arguing, however, that the Cuban law prevents
    Cuban Americans from entering the island with a U.S. passport.

    “We believe AA is a prestigious company that should not discriminate
    only because the government of Cuba does,” Sanchez said.

    AA began scheduled commercial flights to the island with trips to
    Cienfuegos and Holguin on Sept. 7. The problem arose when a flight to
    Varadero with a crew that included some Cuban Americans on board had to
    stay overnight in Cuba. The Cuban authorities denied permission to the
    Cuban Americans to do so, arguing that they had no Cuban passport, the
    Miami Herald reported.

    The company’s response was to withdraw with pay the Cuban American
    employees from that flight.

    Cuban law does not recognize dual nationality, requiring that Cubans who
    live abroad who want to travel to the island must first obtain a Cuban
    passport. The Cuban passports costs about $450 and must be renewed every
    two years at an additional cost of $200. In addition, the Cuban
    government reserves the right to accept its nationals, and requires an
    authorization or clearance that must be stamped in the passport for an
    extra fee.

    According to the Democracy Movement, such law seeks to penalize the
    Cuban exile community by charging exaggerated fees to those willing to
    go to the island.

    “We call American Airlines to open a constructive and friendly dialogue
    so we all can overcome this discriminatory practice,” Sánchez said.

    Last April, the Democracy Movement organized a demonstration outside the
    headquarters of Carnival Cruise Line for a similar reason. The cruise
    company did not allow Cuban Americans to travel to the island on a new
    Cuba cruise because Havana banned Cubans from entering the country by sea.

    Source: Cuban exile activists to take action against American Airlines
    for alleged discrimination | In Cuba Today –

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